Personalized Fitness Program

$100 per Year

Personalized Fitness Program

The Personalized Fitness Program is designed to be a one year experience in which our ACE certified Personal Trainer will help you assess your goals and develop workout routines for you. These workout routines will teach you the basics of how to properly meet your goals with exercise. It’s aim is to create self sufficiency, training you on how to set and meet new goals as you make progress after the program.

Anthony Dorin, CPT ACE

Anthony “Tony” Dorin is a recent college graduate from Humboldt State University with a bachelors degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science/Health Promotion. He has shadowed some of the best fitness experts in the Bay Area. He is passionate about educating others in exercise so they can enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle and mental wellbeing, some of the many benefits of fitness.

You can find him doing Personal Training or teaching his Group Training Classes in Plyometrics and TRX.

“I majored in Kinesiology solely to learn how to become a better athlete for myself, but ended up coming out with the desire to help others learn more about the vast benefits of exercise and health. To prevent others from making the same mistakes as I did, and to express the importance of exercise on lifestyle.”